CDH Focus Group

Our Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) Focus group is an active, collaborative group that has been using the Children’s Hospitals Neonatal Database (CHND) to observe outcomes for affected infants. There are over 25 individuals from participating centers that contribute to bi-monthly, web-conferencing calls and since 2014. The group has held over 70 meetings with participation from neonatal clinicians, pediatric surgeons, nursing, and neonatologists representing our children’s hospitals. This group has been exploring and has completed* a number of projects:

ICON - CHNC Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) Focus Group Committee

– Contemporary, multi-center description of short-term outcomes*
– Prediction of short-term outcomes*
– Growth velocity and its relationship with survival*
– Prevalence of and prediction of serious infections
– Clinical practices and variations in using extracorporeal support
– Iterative literature reviews/journal clubs*
– Planning presentations at national conferences*
– Exploring new collaborations


These projects take advantage of the CHND and unique data linkages with the Pediatric Health Information Systems to discover and observe clinical outcomes that intersect with resource utilization. For more information about participation, please contact


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